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What do we do on our YouTube Channel?

We mainly post Aviation and fun Minecraft Gaming Videos! We would regularly schedule a live event every Wednesday and post new videos every Friday! Sometimes we might skip Friday, and instead post the new content on a Saturday or Sunday. We have moderators which are always working to keep the place super safe for the younger and much broader audience.

Live Events!

When live streams are scheduled, they should be announced beforehand in the Community Forum, Sent Via a YouTube Notification, or in our Discord so that others can join in and Participate.

Your Suggestions!

We will always love to get as much or some insight into what sort of content you would like to see from us. Such as more streams or gaming-related content. You can give your very own suggestions in the Community Forum by creating your own thread for others to join in the conversation too!

What Are Our Goals?

We plan to get to 1K (1000) Subscribers by the end of 2021, or if we are doing well during the summertime, we hope to get to 1K by end of June! But of course, this is not possible unless you guys help us out a bit! Maybe... let's say... share the news!

What do we have for you!

You can participate in any of our live events or live streams and have your name called out during the video (shoutouts). I wonder... to have your name called out, you must be a hardcore Extromnian Fan! If you are seriously a big fan member, you can shop some of our merch from our store!

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Extromnia Studios
Extromnia Studios
Mar 03, 2021

#youtube If you liked what you heard, please consider Subscribing!

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