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Survival World from my Minecraft survival series (YT) MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION

Survival World from my Minecraft survival series (YT) MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION

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Survival World, By Extromnia Studios, Release Version 8
ONLY WORKS IN MINECRAFT 1.16.4 AND OVER. Updated weekly!

This world was created in December of 2016. The world is now three years old.
This world is a survival world which you can make into your own world if you want. Everything in this world is made in survival. There is a big house behind my old house and beside the new house, there is a farm and a nice small decorative garden. enjoy.
The house is a small but tall structure that is used to accommodate all my belongings in this world, including my diamonds! The first floor of this magnificent structure holds the Utility room where is also the oldest part of the house, it used to be a bedroom before but when the layers of the building were increased, the bedroom was moved upstairs and so were some other useful things.
Speaking about those useful things, the other layers above the 2nd floor (the bedroom) is the Brewery and the Kitchen which is the 3rd and 4th floors of this house.
The brewery is the central point to where you can farm the basics and craft the best of potions, all within the house! The Kitchen is a small but basic thing that will be future updated on a later basis.
As you saw in the images, the house does have quite a protective wall to surround it, having nifty features that you’ll find out once you get into the world and start exploring! Now, the rest is up to you and you can find out more by trying out this map. If you liked the map, a rating would most be appreciated. Don’t forget to share the world with others!
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By the way, if you guys here don't mind, please subscribe to my youtube channel to bring the support you guys give here towards my channel thanks! And here is the link!:: built in this world is made purely in survival mode. Updated weekly!The world expresses my ambitions for Minecraft in my creations. Enjoy the diamonds.Hopefully, I can kill the Ender Dragon Soon!ONLY FOR MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION.Realms, Minecraft Bedrock, MGYTStudios: Kingdom Of Extromnia (Maximum of 10 Players at a Time)
  • Instructions

    INSTRUCTIONS to install the Minecraft Map.

    Press the WINDOWS KEY and R at the same time.

    A window called RUN should pop up. 
    In the RUN box type, %appdata%.

    You should see a folder at the very top called .minecraft.

    Open the .minecraft and find the SAVES folder.

    Install the MAP Survival Episode Extromnia Studios (BC_13_04_2020).

    Unzip the zip file (USE WINRAR) or EXTRACT HERE or EXTRACT TO.

    Then copy the world file [MAKE SURE IT IS THE WORLD FILE AND NOT THE FILE THAT IS CONTAINING THE WORLD FILE] and past it into the saves folder.

    You are all set, enjoy the Minecraft map!


    If you don't have the Minecraft Launcher Installed on your PC or on your MAC, AND IF YOU OWN THE GAME Minecraft via your account on, there is the Minecraft downloader for Windows and Mac (MinecraftInstaller.msi) or (Minecraft.dmg) in it's designated folder.
    This downloader is located in this file, at this destination location: C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\LOCATION_ON_DISK\Minecraft Survival World 2020, New Begining Update\Minecraft Installer

    There is also a download for Optifine at the named folder (Optifine). Depending on the RELEASE VERSION of Minecraft that this Minecraft World is associated with (CHECK THE TOP OF THIS DOCUMENT FOR THE MINECRAFT VERSION THAT THIS WORLD IS COMPATIBLE WITH), THE DOWNLOAD FILE OF OPTIFINE WILL MATCH THE VERSION OF MINECRAFT IN THIS FILE, E.G. (OptiFine_1.14.4_HD_U_F5.jar) ONLY for Minecraft 1.14.4.

    There is also a download for Java at the named folder (Download Java), to then after, once java is fully installed, on your PC or MAC, you can use java to download and use Optifine.

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