Hello, my name is Sebastian Anthony Noonan Tan and welcome to my website! I have created this small company and website as a way for me to connect and share ideas with my community. I have a team of builders from the Minecraft community that help me build my Minecraft worlds. I also use my website to share and connect downloads for my Minecraft worlds that are published online at www.planetminecraft.com

We were founded back in 2014, on the 12 of November as a small YouTube Channel just starting. During this first period in our journey through YouTube, we first branded ourselves as MGYTStudios®, but we then later changed our brand name to what you see today as being Extromnia™ Studios. The brand name Extromnia Studios is inspired by my Medieval Minecraft World, The Kingdom Of Extromnia.


I am a YouTuber that loves to connect with my viewers. I love to talk to people and share my many great ideas that come to mind. I love to make Minecraft and Aviation videos for all my viewers to watch. My most favourite part about YouTube is when I do Minecraft or Aviation live streams. I like live streams because it is a great way to connect with my viewers and have live interaction with them.


This website is nowhere near cheap to run per month, as it costs me easily €26 per month to keep this website running for you all. If you guys want to help and support our community, then donate as little as €1 - €5 as that would be just enough to keep this website running for all of you guys out there!


Best regards, Sebastian from Extromnia Studios.

Extromnia Studios