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    • Art, Craft and Design Certificate

      This is a fully fledged Art Course. This brings art to a new begging for you as a candidate to our academy. If you do not have any prior course in art or any experience in art, do not worry, we will have that fully sorted for you. You will learn to the best of standards, and remember, art is about releasing your personal - inner feeling for the world around you. 6 Months: EUR 255.00 The cost is used to pay for the expense of art materials and for to accommodate your classroom.

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    • Show Your Support By Subscribing to Our YouTube Channel!

      Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here: What do we do on our YouTube Channel? We mainly post Aviation and fun Minecraft Gaming Videos! We would regularly schedule a live event every Wednesday and post new videos every Friday! Sometimes we might skip Friday, and instead post the new content on a Saturday or Sunday. We have moderators which are always working to keep the place super safe for the younger and much broader audience. Live Events! When live streams are scheduled, they should be announced beforehand in the Community Forum, Sent Via a YouTube Notification, or in our Discord so that others can join in and Participate. Your Suggestions! We will always love to get as much or some insight into what sort of content you would like to see from us. Such as more streams or gaming-related content. You can give your very own suggestions in the Community Forum by creating your own thread for others to join in the conversation too! What Are Our Goals? We plan to get to 1K (1000) Subscribers by the end of 2021, or if we are doing well during the summertime, we hope to get to 1K by end of June! But of course, this is not possible unless you guys help us out a bit! Maybe... let's say... share the news! What do we have for you! You can participate in any of our live events or live streams and have your name called out during the video (shoutouts). I wonder... to have your name called out, you must be a hardcore Extromnian Fan! If you are seriously a big fan member, you can shop some of our merch from our store!

    • Email Is Back!

      Our email systems are now back and fully operational. Though we have discontinued the following addresses: All emails can now be sent to and all emails will also be sent from Best of luck! Sebastian From Extromnia Studios. #support #email

    • The Meaning Of Flight Movie!

      Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to be in the skies? What if you're stuck at home right now during the pandemic but you still want to explore and travel the world? You can join us in our adventure from San Francisco to London Heathrow, and other collections of mini flights, featuring the Boeing 757, 747, 737 and the Boeing 777 in our Meaning Of Flight Movie. Flight Simulator: FSX Add-ons used: PMDG 737, 747 & 777 Captain Sim 757 Quality Wings Avro 146 and 757 (Future add-ons will be used, and this list will be updated) Run Time: 30 - 45 Mins (Actual Time Not Yet Known Till The Editing Process Is Finished) Release Date: TBA The Movie is scheduled to be released by END of MARCH 2021! We hope you are tuned in to watch it! Though the true release date of the movie is not yet known and it could likely not appear at the end of March. But with your support, such as by Subscribing to us on YouTube, you can get this movie to be released sooner. British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Flying Over Greenland 🇬🇱 at 35,000FT British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Landing at London Heathrow British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Parking at the Gate in San Francisco British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Taking Off From San Francisco British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Taking Off From San Francisco British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Taking Off From San Francisco British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Landing At London Heathrow This project is made by the Extromnia Studios Media Development Team.

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    • Visual Designs | Minecraft Maps | Extromnia Studios | Gaming

      Welcome to the Extromnia™ Studios' Official Website! Take a Look! The Medieval Kingdom, The Kingdom Of Extromnia Download Now! The Kingdom Of Extromnia Castle from the outside. The Kingdom Of Extromnia Castle from the outside. The Village outside the walls. The Village outside the walls. The Kingdom Of Extromnia Castle from the outside. The Kingdom Of Extromnia Castle from the outside. 1/15 About Us! We Are Proudly Irish! Bio: Thanks for visiting the official site of Extromnia Studios. This platform offers a unique journey through entertaining and engaging video content, which is always growing and changing. Start browsing through the collection of videos now! We were founded on 12 November 2014. Ever since we were dedicated to delivering quality content to our viewers. We range from comedy sketches down to flight simulations. If this sounds like your kind of content, then join the others who have joined us previously! ​ Copyright 2014 to 2021: Do Not Copy Channel Branding in Any Way Or Form, Thanks For Your Understanding. Anything with the logo of Extromnia Studios or of the Name of, or both, which is us, is owned by us, “Extromnia Studios”. Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel! Donate To Support Us! My Instagram

    • About | Extromnia Studios

      About Hello, my name is Sebastian Anthony Noonan Tan and welcome to my website! I have created this small company and website as a way for me to connect and share ideas with my community. I have a team of builders from the Minecraft community that help me build my Minecraft worlds. I also use my website to share and connect downloads for my Minecraft worlds that are published online at ​ We were founded back in 2014, on the 12 of November as a small YouTube Channel just starting. During this first period in our journey through YouTube, we first branded ourselves as MGYTStudios®, but we then later changed our brand name to what you see today as being Extromnia™ Studios. The brand name Extromnia Studios is inspired by my Medieval Minecraft World, . The Kingdom Of Extromnia I am a YouTuber that loves to connect with my viewers. I love to talk to people and share my many great ideas that come to mind. I love to make Minecraft and Aviation videos for all my viewers to watch. My most favourite part about YouTube is when I do Minecraft or Aviation live streams. I like live streams because it is a great way to connect with my viewers and have live interaction with them. This website is nowhere near cheap to run per month, as it costs me easily €26 per month to keep this website running for you all. If you guys want to help and support our community, then donate as little as €1 - €5 as that would be just enough to keep this website running for all of you guys out there! Best regards, Sebastian from Extromnia Studios. Explore! Donate To Support Us!

    • Privacy Policy | Extromnia Studios

      Privacy policy Written By Extromnia Studios Last Updated: 06/03/2021 Written By Extromnia Studios Extromnia Studios Privacy Policy Welcome to the Extromnia Studios Privacy Policy. Here we will discuss the main aspects of your privacy and how we collect and use your information. We will detail and list all our trackers, and what services we use for ads and data processing. Please bear in mind that we will never sell your information for advertising or business reasons. The privacy policy is split into the following parts: How your information is collected How your information is used How you can limit the amount we collect Advertising Tracking services California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) What we do not collect Your suggestions How Your Information Is Collected We collect your information using tracking services, and these tracking services take limited data from the user, but it means that this data does not profile you in any way, and it means that we/it cannot tell who you are. Your information is collected when you enter the website, click any of our outsourced links, or watch/use the services and content on our website. ​ How Your Information Is Used Your information is used to show you relevant ads based on what you search, what content you are interested in and from what you use regularly. We may use your given information to provide a good service to you, which means getting to know what is the best way to approach you as a customer, using your data to implement better and new features that are more likely to work better with your needs, provide improvements across the board. We will never use your information illegally, which means we will never distribute your information to others (EVER)! If your information is going to be used in any way at all, we will always ask for your permission. Do not ever give your information to any other company which looks suspicious or is impersonating Extromnia Studios. Do not ever give your information if the page is requesting more than is needed for what it is asking for, e.g. credit card information for account verification. ​ We may also use your information for promotional purposes to serve you emails of new products via our newsletter or critical website updates. These emails are secured and encrypted, but we still do not recommend that you share any of your personal information through email, as we will never ask you for any of that information through email. Discard that email and report it as spam as it was likely not us who sent that email. We will only send an email with an address ending with ( or Anything that ends with a free email domain, such as, take precaution as it is likely fake. Only use emails that have been sent to you from us. And double-check if you are not sure if that is our email by typing it into the search engine. The best search engine for this task would be google as it will display much more information than most other browsers. If our website appears first when you search our email address, then that means it is the real email, and there is nothing to worry about. ​ How You Can Limit The Amount We Collect Click on your Profile Photo or User Name Icon > scroll down to My Account > in your accounts menu, head to Settings > at the bottom of the settings menu, click on Request Privacy Settings Change > choose from the selection to request what change you want to be requested. You will then get an email from us to confirm this change > a member of the support center team will be in touch to make the change happen without any further questions. Advertising We use Google AdSense to bring relevant ads to our site. You can view our publisher ID from Tracking Services We use the following services: Google Analytics Other Google Services under Google Analytics ​ California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Click here for more accurate information What We Do Not Collect Our team at Extromnia Studios do care a lot about how your information is handled, therefore we will list what we do not collect unless it was given to us by you during your sign-up process. Please note that when you give us your bank information or credit/debit card information, we will never store that information unless you have chosen to. Even if you choose to save that information in our database, our team cannot view your details as it is securely encrypted – that means only you can view and no one else. Personal information, Such as Credit Cards, Bank Information, Phone Number, Real Name Your true location Information from your connected social networks Your browsing data Any device data or information ​ Your Suggestions Feel free to leave any suggestions in the support section of the page, and we will always be happy to implement new things to make your navigation safer and more open to use.

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    • Your favourite Minecraft Map themes?

      Hey guys! I need insite to what themes you like! Such as Medieval or Modern, etc or the colours involved, the feel of the atmosphere, and what makes you want to come back again to buy maps from us. What makes you enjoy a map most? Please let our team of builders know! You giving us this information will help us make better maps that suit your interests. If you are interested in joining our team of builders, please feel free to let us know below or by commenting below or by using this link to our submission form: (Wait till next post update for the link, for now, comment below instead)

    • Favourite Infinite Flight routes?

      Hey guys! I am looking for what are your favourite routes! Let me know below what are your favourite routes and what planes you prefer to fly when using those routes. Infinite Flight Boeing 757 at LTFM (Istanbul)

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