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Extromnia Studios Privacy Policy

Last Updated (26/05/2023)


Welcome to the Extromnia Studios Privacy Policy. Here we will discuss the main aspects of your privacy and how we collect and use your information. We will detail and list all our trackers and what services we use for ads and data processing. Please bear in mind that we will never sell your information for advertising or business reasons.

The privacy policy’s different sections:

  • How your information is collected

  • How we will use your data

  • How you can limit the amount we collect

  • Advertising

  • Tracking services

  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

  • What we do not collect

  • Your suggestions


How Your Information Is Collected

We collect your information using tracking services, and these tracking services take limited data from the user, but it means that this data does not profile you in any way, and it means that we/it cannot tell who you are. Your information is collected when you enter the website, click any of our outsourced links, or watch/use the services and content on our website.

How We Will Use Your Data

The data we collect shows you relevant ads based on what you search, what content you are interested in, and what you use regularly. We may use your given information to provide better and improved features that are more likely to work better with your needs, provide improvements across the board. We will never use your information illegally, which means we will never distribute your information to others (EVER)! If the company uses your data in any way, we will always ask for your permission. Do not ever give your information to any other company which looks suspicious or is impersonating Extromnia Studios. Do not give your information if the page is requesting more than what is needed for what it is asking for, e.g. credit card information for account verification.

We may also use your information for promotional purposes to serve you emails of new products via our newsletter or critical website updates. These emails are secured and encrypted, but we still do not recommend that you share any of your personal information through email, as we will never ask you for any of that information through email. Discard that email and report it as spam as it was likely not us who sent that email. We will only send an email with an address ending with ( or Anything that ends with a free email domain, such as, take precautions as it is likely fake. Only use emails that we have sent to you. And double-check if you are not sure if that is our email by typing it into the search engine. The best search engine for this task would be google as it will display much more information than most other browsers. If our website appears first when you search our email address, it means it is the actual email, and there is nothing to worry about the matter.


How You Can Limit The Amount We Collect

Go to the Need Help? Page, fill out the form and click on Choose an Issue > choose from the selection to request what change you want, describe your issue if needed. You will then get an email from us to confirm this change >; a member from the support centre team will be in touch to make the change happen without further questions.


We use Google AdSense to bring relevant ads to our site. You can view our publisher ID from


Tracking Services

We use the following services:

  • Google Analytics

  • Other Google Services under Google Analytics


California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Click here for more accurate information


What We Do Not Collect

Our team at Extromnia Studios cares a lot about how the information we use is handled; therefore, we will list what we do not collect unless you gave it during your sign-up process. Please note that when you give us your bank or credit/debit card information, we will never store that information unless you have chosen the option to do so. Even if you decide to save that information in our database, our team cannot view your details as it is securely encrypted – that means only you can view and no one else.

  • Personal information, Such as Credit Cards, Bank Information, Phone Number, Real Name

  • Your true location

  • Information from your connected social networks

  • Your browsing data

  • Any device data or information


Your Suggestions

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the support section of the page, and we will always be happy to implement new things to make your navigation safer and more open to using.

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