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The Medieval Kingdom,
The Kingdom Of Extromnia
About Our Project

This project is to recreate the medieval world in Minecraft, only according to historical sources and records. We don't design specifically off of a past medieval structure, but we do take what elements those structures have in them, such as the constructive techniques used in that time period. This means that we do not build something that is ridiculously out of proportion, such as a large tower that cannot ever be that tall back then. Take the main castle as an example of high you can build. We are a team of builders from the Minecraft community, building a megastructure for all to enjoy around the world. The current castle was built by myself, and it is quite complex in its construction. It features a fully functional portcullis at the main entrance which is operated with Redstone pistons. As a team of builders, your duty is to follow the rules outlined and to build accordingly to plan and to not ever veer off from what was originally established. The only time that you can do what you want, is if that project requires you to do that, such as a structure that is not so specific in terms. We will grant the people who are highly trusted the moderator position, they are responsible for keeping the map free from griefers, and keeping the map up to date on the site. Any breakage of any of the rules will mean severe penalties to be taken against the user.

The Rules!
  1. You are prohibited from destroying others creations.

  2. You cannot swear to other players in the session, moderators will take this very seriously.

  3. As the server is up 24/7, this means that we have this open to anyone who participates as so, but that doesn’t give you the opportunity to give grief or cause havoc amongst the project or to others.

  4. You are not allowed to request a moderator position.

  5. You cannot explore prohibited areas. (If there are any)

  6. You cannot create any prohibited areas by yourself, as this is only made by the server admins.

  7. You cannot give the map file to others without prior permission!

  8. You cannot hack the server.

  9. You cannot make your own rules.

(New Rules are Always Created Based on User Behaviour)

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The Kingdom Of Extromnia

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