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We have made the decision to reopen this website with all features except the online store to be present in June 2021. It has come to our attention that the Irish government is considering reopening business and workplaces in June 2021. This is good for us as it makes it easier for us to bring in income to this steady growing company. Since this website at the moment, is not doing anything in particular to sell goods or services, which we are planning to do in the near future, we hope that when we all return to our daily jobs that we can support this business and make it more accessible to the community. This means that we can hopefully put money into maintaining this site for longer. And with your support, you can donate to help the site flourish even future, as little as 1 Euro per person will do just as good. This website will still close for Two Months, for maintenance and financial reasons, from April 28 to June 28. Though, if the situation is to change, we will try to open the website much sooner! We hope to see you here again. Anyway, in the meantime, chat and connect with us through our social networks, and we hope to find other ways to share new releases of files.

From the Extromnia Studios & Noonan Academy of Art - Team.

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